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Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum

The Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum (ELLC) is a program that provides developmentally appropriate language and literacy practices for all preschool children. Communication skills are critical for later success in formal reading instruction upon entering school. ELLC focuses on providing a strong foundation for language systems and giving preschool children significant exposure to print and sound play. This curriculum is like many others except for a liberal amount of materials and equipment related to language and literacy learning and explicit teaching of phonological awareness and language targets.


So What's The Quirkles? 

The Quirkles® are 26 imaginary scientists that help children develop a love and appreciation of science and literacy. Designed for shared reading/activities for children as young as preschool, the Quirkles® will also engage children through upper elementary. Read the stories. Do the experiments. You’ll know children are learning advanced concepts; they will just know they are having fun!

We have partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation for The Discover Nature School Program/Nature Revealed, to give students the awareness and exposure to nature and the environment around them.
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