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Name (s) and DOB of Prospective Students Applying for Enrollment. *

1. What are you looking for in a school program for your child's age level

2. What draws you to a multi-faceted approach including Montessori education for your child, and why do you feel that AIL would be a good fit for your family*

3. In what specific ways do you hope your child will grow and change through attending AIL?*

4. What do you believe your role is as a parent in your child's education, particularly when your child encounters challenges?*

5. What do you believe a commitment to the larger school community looks like in action?

Parent/Guardian Name / Phone Number

Thank you for applying to The Academy of Innovative Learners!  Please take the time to share a thoughtful paragraph or more responding to each of the following questions.  if you have multiple children in your family who you are applying for enrollment, you may fill out just one interview form for the entire family, but please provide answers specific to each student when responding to each question.

We look forward to reviewing your child's completed application.  Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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