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Why Us?


Eco-Friendly Surroundings 

YOGA/Whole Child Wellness

Delicious and Healthy Meals 

Bilingual Learning

Multi-Cultural Celebrations & Awareness 

Sign Language

Breastfeeding/Cloth Diaper Friendly

Outdoor Exploration 

- with an on-site trail

Butterfly Garden

(Certified Schoolyard Habitat) 

Zen Music Garden

Herb/Vegetable Garden

Chicken Retreat

A Clean, Safe and Happy Environment

             Missouri Eat Smart/MoVe Smart

                Advanced Level Certification

2216 Stonehill Rd is our address! We feature individual classrooms, Our Womb to Bloom infant/toddler class, a breastfeeding room, an on-site garden, a chicken yard, butterfly garden, a nature trail and so much more! We are now enrolling for the 2022/2023 school year. Please contact us to reserve your spot today!

The Academy of Innovative Learners

Philosophy, Teachings & Vision

We revised our Philosophy and Vision by adding some statements we read that really resonated with what we hold important and believe here at The Academy! We took the inspiration from a program with similar goals and values and adapted that information to fit what AIL is about!   

We believe respect for each other and for the global community is an essential value to embrace and instill.

We understand that children of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures have different needs and abilities.

 We utilize varies styles of teaching to accommodate this including Montessori, child lead learning and teacher lead learning.  

We utilize Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum, along with a Science based curriculum called Quirkles.  We incorporate Healthy Habits for Life, Nature Reveals and many Montessori principles throughout each day!

We believe that the program environment itself is an important factor in our teachings.

We have designed our environment to fit the needs of the children and by this enriching their experiences of balanced beauty and order.

We strive to model grace, compassion, and courtesy (good manners), treating each child and others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

We use calm voices when teaching and speak with each other and the children with respect.

We carry ourselves as professionals and handle objects with care and respect.

We believe that the children are always observing us, even when we are unaware of it.

We understand that children are unique and may have different needs and/or interests. 

 We celebrate that uniqueness by allowing each child to develop at his or her own pace.

We believe that learning is a natural process that develops at its own pace. We do not use punishments so children will comply with our rules.  We use Conscious Discipline, positive reinforcement and redirection within the program.

We believe children learn best when they can move their bodies and minds throughout the day to stay active, aware and healthy.

We encourage independence but also teach respect for ourselves, others and the things around us.

Our community includes diverse and rich cultures, as well as the natural environment that supports us and enhances our quality of life. With this in mind, we understand that the children of today- the learners of tomorrow- the leaders of the future – will inherit the world we leave them.

We promise to offer a happy and healthy setting that reinforces respect for our community and provides the best possible setting for children to thrive in.

We prepare meals on-site that will feature an emphasis on whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Parents can rest assured that not only are their children being cared for in the most stimulating physical surroundings, but they are also being nourished with good food for the physical and mental development and well-being


Multi-Cultural Celebrations & Awareness

At the Academy of Innovative Learners, respecting the global community means caring for the environment and embracing the diversity that makes our world so great. As children of varied racial and ethnic backgrounds will assemble for learning and play, we will equally embrace the various holidays and celebrations that are unique to the children in our program, as well as children all around the world!

Whether it is Yom Kippur or The Chinese New Year, Kwanza, or Christmas, The Academy of Innovative Learners believes it is critical to educate all children about the various customs and traditions of their diverse classmates. We also believe that children should be surrounded with beautiful things. Some of our décor and classroom components will include diverse pieces from around the world that celebrates the many cultures therein. This will establish a solid foundation for our children to embrace collaboration and acceptance in an increasing global economy.

 Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at (573) 893-9585. We hope to hear from you soon and check back later for updates to the site. Thank you for visiting!!

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